Chosing a Real Estate Agent

“Why you should work with a Real Estate Agent instead of Online Real Estate Websites”
In today’s society, everyone uses the internet, for just about every thing they are searching for.
It’s often most convenient to surf the web on our Smart Phones, as most times people squeeze
it in while in the waiting room at the dentist or doctor’s office, in the chair at the hair salon,
sitting on their living room couch, or pretty much anywhere because we all have our phones
glued to our hands. People also use their computers to search while taking a break at work, or
just sitting near the pool with the laptop. No matter where you are or what device you use, you
have the “world wide web” at your finger tips. This makes it so easy to search for your next
new home on the internet, but is it the right way to search? Not at all. All that the internet
search is doing is teasing you with what you may not be able to have. These sites advertise
that they are “real time”, which simply is not the case.
So often, consumers look at something online, fall in love, picture their lives in that home, then
find out that the home has already been under contract for weeks, but the site wasn’t updated!
When you look at these properties and contact the agent at the bottom of the listing that is
selling the property, just know that agent works for the seller, and not for you. They are trying to
get the home sold for the most amount of money for their client. Exactly why you should do
your homework and reach out to a reputable buyers agent.
When you make that connection with a buyers agent and you discuss with them what your
home needs are, ie: how many bedrooms, bathrooms, condo vs. single family home, land size,
with or without a garage, and proximity to stores or the beach, and budget, that buyers agent
is working for you to find exactly what you want in the actual MLS (multiple listing service)
which is current and up to date info, and the agent can enter in the exact info you desire along
with the location of your choice. These are all things that you can not do online with a search
The added bonus to working with a buyers agent from the start, is they can help guide you with
Market Values of the surrounding homes in the area you are looking at, and make sure you are
paying the best and lowest price for you and your family. Agents also have personal
connections with lenders, home inspectors, home insurance companies, and so much more,
that they can recommend to you since they have worked with them before. When you work
with an agent, they do all of the paperwork and negotiating for you on your behalf, making your
life much easier since you most likely are having to go to a job everyday. Real Estate agents are
doing their job to help you in your home buying needs. Agents all have to go through extensive
training and licensing, and need to be knowledgable of the state and national laws when
dealing with real estate transactions. Let us do our jobs, and help you find your next home!
Carrie Alex- Realtor®
Buyers Agent Specialist